Hola! I’m Jess and I hope you can take a minute to enjoy the paintings on Mercury’s wall. 


As a Colombian-born, Toronto raised artist, I expanded my practice from a jewelry designer to a painter following the passing of my father in 2019. Through oil paintings, I‘ve released and expressed my grief, discovering spaces surrounding identity, subconscious, and the interconnectedness of our internal and external worlds. Moving through these spaces is the basis of my art practice, while capturing the complexity of emotions and the interwoven nature of our experiences.


These paintings offer a landscape interpretation of three iconic Toronto parks that have witnessed my movement and use of public space throughout the years. Each park holds memories of moments shared with friends and strangers, where play, discovery, and getting lost intertwine in their unique and dynamic environments.



HIGH PARK - Oil on Canvas $1100



 BELLEVUE SQUARE PARK (Kensington Market) - Oil on canvas $1100



TRINITY BELLWOODS PARK - Oil on canvas $1100



Paintings are available for purchase and I am currently open for commissions.