Meet The Artisans


The Embera Chami fight to keep their cultural legacy alive; Chami means “mountain,” and Embera means “people,” they are an indigenous group who practice the vital aspect of the power of the spirits which they trust to regulate life, health, livelihood and nature. With a long history of threats and displacement from their lands by armed groups of common criminals, drug traffickers and other conditions related to mining, poverty, malnutrition, disenfranchisement, and the general indifference of Colombian society, the Colombian Constitutional Court has declared the Embera at risk of extinction. (Proyecto Embera Wera, 2011)

When you wear Santa Isla you help the Embera culture breathe and expand. We work with a small group of Embera artisans, providing them with a source of income and an opportunity to showcase their art to the world.

An additional 20% of sales go back to the Embera Chami artisans. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider supporting the artisans with your purchase.