Ball is Life - Basketball Beaded Ring

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Because ball is life! WNBA x Santa Isla brings the white and orange basketball beaded ring to life. 

This ring has been intentionally handwoven by Embera Chami artisans for all lovers of the game. Light and easy-to-wear, your hands will slam dunk whether you play or not.   

Material: Pressed, fire-polished glass seed beads.

Ring Sizing: Small fits sizes 5,6 | Medium fits sizes 7,8 | Large fits 9,10 


Size 5 equal to 


Size 6 equal to 

16.5 mm

Size 7 equal to


Size 8 equal to

18.2 mm

Size 9 equal to

18.9 mm

Size 10 equal to

19.8 mm


Care: Easy to wear with little hassle. To prevent threads from unravelling, avoid prolonged time under water. In the event that threads loosen, tie a knot and carefully burn the end with a lighter. Keep away from sharp objects that may tear the threads. 

* Please note that rings will stretch a bit under water so avoid wearing them in the ocean as it may slip off. Never pull on the thread, simply burn the end.